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March Newsletter

March Update

Apologies for the late writing and posting of this newsletter – on the upside its late arrival is due to me being being back and productive in the workshop.

We have continued to walk our 5K circuit most days and seeing spring start to change the landscape.

Marsh harrier

The Marsh Harrier is nearing completion, its been a challenging piece to make but very enjoyable. Its taken time to find the right cotton to add the words to the backing but the bird is now attached and only the feet remain to finish – these are so small that I have decided to hand stitch the details on this occasion. Hope to show the finished piece next month. The words in the background are inspired by the Marsh Harrier chapter of the wonderful book ‘Raptor’ by James Macdonald Lockhart.

The image is based on a superb photograph taken by David Newby, you can see his photographs here on Flickr – thanks to David for giving me permission to base this work on that image.

Book of the Month

Last month I finished listening to Kate Humble’s book ‘A Year of Living Simply’ – a very interesting gentle book that made me question many ways we live our life and how we can possibly adapt them when life starts to return to normal as restrictions lift with Covid.

Now that I am full time back in the workshop I am getting through audio books at a great pace and decided to re-listen to ‘Threads’ of Life by Clare Hunter. If you haven’t read this and are interested in history/politics/protest among many other things this is a book you should really take a look at!

Lapwing WIP

Since the February newsletter I have been really enjoying experimenting and learning to hand stitch this Lapwing. The colours I have been able to use have been wonderful – what a stunning little bird, once common here in the UK but now, like so many birds it is on the UK conservation list as Red (the highest conservation priority requiring urgent action). I am currently experimenting with an idea for a very different backing for this piece which I will show when and if I crack it!!!

Somerset Wildlife Virtual Fundraising Art Auction

I have recently donated four pieces to the Somerset Wildlife Trust’s online charity auction in the hope of helping raise much needed funds for the charity.

The 4 pieces below are all available to bid on before the auction closes on Friday the 30th of April. The Barn Owl is an original piece of Textile art, the Osprey is an original watercolour and the Curlew and Swallow are limited edition giclee prints.

Click here to visit the site.

Exhibition News & Dates

SAQA Virtual GalleryExhibition – ‘Plurality of Voices’

May 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021

The beauty of a chorus comes from the blending of different voices. Similarly, “Plurality of Voices” will allow viewers to appreciate the diverse range of artistic expression by artists in Europe and the Middle East. The concept of different artistic voices may mean many things to different people, but at its core, it represents diversity in thought, image, or reality. This exhibition will encourage viewers to think deeply about the diversity of artists who create, and the diversity of voices represented, as they engage with the artwork. Link to follow nearer the time.

Group exhibition with CQWest

Unfolding Stories 4 – Click here for details

Lansdown Gallery, Stroud, June 30th to 12th July 2021.

SGFA Annual Open Exhibition

Monday 5th – 10th July 2021

Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1

Click here for details

Solo Exhibition

Ace Arts, Somerton, Somerset

September 11th -25th October

Details coming soon