New beginnings – The Somerset Levels

After months of no social media or creating its now time to get back out there and show/talk about what I’m up to and whats ahead.

The workshop is almost warm now so I’m back creating and loving it after the break.

I have spent the winter and early spring researching my next series of work all based on the Somerset levels.  I am planning a solo exhibition in autumn 2020 and hope to tell the story of the birds who are thriving and declining on the Levels.  I have been experimenting with new techniques and different ways of telling stories within a piece.  Some of these techniques have been successful, others need to some additional work! I look forward to telling you about these ideas over the coming weeks.

A great deal of the time spent has been deciding which birds to feature in the various groups and sourcing suitable images to work from.  For this I’m tremendously grateful to Carl Bovis and Ron Westmaas who have helped me with their knowledge of the area and given me permission to use their images for inspiration.

This is just one piece based on the Whimbrel, a passage migrant of the levels which has declined in numbers. I used a completely different approach which I will talk about in my next blog – its been a challenge to learn the new techniques but probably has some mileage as an alternative way to produce a piece.

Below; Whimbrel shot by Carl Bovis

Sketched onto cotton ready for painting

Below, bird lightly painted ready for stitching.