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My work at the moment is all working towards my solo exhibition at Ace Arts in Somerton they September.

The exhibition will be looking at the birds thriving and declining on the Somerset Levels.

I have spent a great deal of time looking at some wonderful photographs of the birds I am going to be featuring and then seeking the permission of the photographers to base a piece on their work.  Their generosity has been over whelming!

A very good friend of ours Ron Westmaas captured this Snipe beautifully and has kindly let me base a piece on this photograph.

The snipe is one of the increasing number of birds now placed on the Amber list of endangered birds by the RSPB 

I decided for this piece to paint the bird on fabric rather than piecing him with fabrics.  I used Textil Fabric paints to do this.

Once stitching was complete I experimented with creating the background, long pieces of fabric helped create the 3D effect of the reeds he is hiding behind.

The beautiful reflections in the water were created using Inktense pencils and water.  This was a new technique for me.  Some of the colours in the sets are far too vibrant but can be toned down with more water.  I recommend lots of experimenting first before starting on the real piece.

Stitching the background water below.

Below, building up the reeds/plants as seen in the photograph.

This piece is now available as a limited edition print in my Art Store here.