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A Rook for Rook Lane Gallery

I have finally finished my Rook for an exhibition at Rook Lane Gallery in Frome, Somerset.

I have so enjoyed this piece and its become one of the four pieces I shall be entering for selection as part of the ‘Unfolding Stories 2’ Contemporary Quilters West Exhibition.

I love Corvids, they fascinate me in a strange sinister sort of way.  I have recently finished watching ‘Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell’ by Susanna Clarke, a fabulous story that features a character called the ‘Raven King’.  The imagination and imagery in this story was breathtaking and a Raven is definitely on my to do list….

Above a quick sketch of a Rook.

  I used 9 fabrics for the bird and a 10th for the backing.

Stitching underway on beak, slowly building up the texture around the base.

A view from the back.  I use a Bobbin thread of either white or black, this thread is both strong and thin, avoiding unnecessary bulk being added to the picture.

Once the picture is backed and edged I am ready to start sewing it onto a piece of mount board ready for framing.

He is my first Corvid but will certainly not be my last…..

A limited Edition Giclee print is available of this piece in my website store click here  for details.

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