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Card Set 6 - Select your own from list by email (Pack 5)

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Card Set 6 - Select your own from the number list below and email your choice.

Select 5 cards and email the number or name below to with selection.

1. A Cuckoo's Tale

2. A Swallow's Journey

3. A Winters Tale (Robin)

4. Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

5. Children of the Sky (Swallow)

6. Chorus Line (Starling)

7. Home in Sight (Osprey)

8. Feathered Fanfare (Peacock)

9. Fish Supper (Kingfisher)

10. Golden Breeze (Goldfinch)

11. Hidden Gem (Bearded Reedling)

12. In Deep Water (Snipe)

13. Into the Night (Tawny Owl)

14. I Spy (Peregrine)

15. Man of the Moor (Curlew)

16. Night Hunter (Barn Owl)

17. One for Sorrow (Magpie)

18. On Manœuvres (Hobby)

19. Out of The Blue (Barn Owl)

20. Patience (Kingfisher)

21. Rush Hour (2 Swallows)

22. Spellbound (Merlin)

23. Standing Out (Pheasant)

24.Sweetness & Light (Hummingbird)

25. The Gatherer (Rook)

26. Young Pretender (Juvenile Peregrine).

Free postage & Packing in the UK.

Please email for shipping costs outside the UK.

The individual cards can be seen in the images above.

Each card has a small Giclee print miniature image of one of my original textile art work.

Each card measures 10.5cm's x 15 cm's and comes with a white envelope. The Giclee print measures approximately 8cm's square, larger for Patience and Standing Out.

The cards vary between pearlescent white and cream but are generally the colour shown.

There is an option to have these with or without individual cellophane protective wrappers.

(I will be replacing the cellophane with biodegradable wrappers once stock used).

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