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‘Into the Night’ – Tawny Owl

I love Owls and after meeting this little Tawny Owl last summer I embarked on the next piece.


After experimenting with different poses I settled on the one below and started selecting fabrics (always the best bit!).  Once again the fabrics added lots of texture and light and shade to the piece before stitching began.  I selected a very dark blue night sky to set him against.



Below, the selection of threads, mostly King Tut and Oliver Twist.


Starting to stitch the area around the eyes with the darkest threads.


Detail of face after 6-7 thread colours.


Seeing the picture develop from the back.


Working the detail down into the chest area, dark threads first.


Finished and ready for framing.

A limited edition Giclee print is available on my website shop click here  to view

AK013 Into the Night Final