Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..

Our favourite time of the year – the perfect excuse to go and choose new fabrics with Christmas projects in mind.

This year we were inspired by the “12 Days of Christmas” range by Anni Downs of Hatched & Patched at Midsomer Quilting.  We chose enough fabric to make a Christmas table runner for the big day and a panel to make a door hanging.

P1030803 P1030804 P1030805

We measured the table and worked out a pattern and started cutting.  We had great fun mixing and matching the fabrics and Megan our 8 year old started ironing (a practice I hope will spread to shirts, duvets etc over the coming years).  I have finally, after all these years bought a1/4″ foot which has made the job so much quicker and a little more accurate!  Megan started whizzing away on the machine and we started to build up some blocks.

P1030796 P1030794

Our corners do not always meet but in Megan’s words, “does it really matter Mummy?  We’re having a go…’

The panel shown below, we will quilt and embellish with beads and thread, whether they become family heirlooms or not we will have had fun making them!!!


One of the main things regarding school at this time of year is ‘what to buy/make the teacher’.  We have always made a present for the teacher, whether they are crafted out is not our concern.  Its an excuse to have a go at something new.  Last year bath salts with Lavender from the garden, the year before that needle felted brooches (one still worn by the teacher now).  The needle felting came at a price, a dangerous pursuit for young children – those barbed needles are lethal!  We used, adults and children alike many a pack of plasters.

This year sees quilted cushions, Megan is well ahead, focussed on the goal.  Lucy (12) has selected her fabrics which I have ironed and cut up!!!  Now in secondary school I am unsure of the place for Teachers gifts, however she adores her tutor so a pillow will (last minute I expect) be coming her way.

Megan’s front is complete and she did everything but add the bobbly edging (which even I struggled with).  Its up to me to do the back…. After all there is no glory in that part of the job!


A weekend of creating lies ahead, we will keep you posted