February 2021

Lapwing WIP

I first wrote about this little Lapwing in a blog back in October 2020. He was pieced and painted far earlier in the year and is one of the pieces I have been looking forward to returning to. You can read about the initial stages and inspiration here. I have enjoyed sitting in front of the fire on an evening slowly building up the colours in the face. The feathers in the body will be a challenging both in stitch technique (of which I have little knowledge or feel) and colours. Whilst we are in lockdown I have missed not being able to go to the craft shop and see all the wonderful threads and select each area far more accurately that just selecting one from my starter set.

January 2021

This new phase of experimentation with hand stitching means I have a number of pieces of work in their early stages. I need to accept that much practice will be needed but I am thoroughly enjoying the new challenge and can find the time during the evening to sit and quietly stitch a simple piece.

I am currently enjoying stitching a little wren, I first painted the bird using textile paints. Progress is slow and tentative but thoroughly absorbing and relaxing. A photograph of my first few stitches shows the project underway.

May-December 2020

Prior to the first lockdown I only used a small amount of hand stitching to finish pieces with small stitch details. My lack of experience obviously mean my hand stitching skills were basic. When the first lockdown happened in spring last year I joined the Slow Stitch group set up by members of CQW in the hope of learning a new skill. My mind was busy with covid and difficult personal circumstances at the time and the slower more mindful pace used in hand stitching was very appealing to me.

Experienced hand stitch members guided us beginners through various stitch challenges over the following weeks. My stitch skills improved but almost more importantly my mind slowed to a calmer more considered pace, this in turn allowed my imagination to play with other creative ideas and start experimenting.

At the same time TextileArtist.org launched their Stitch Club in May 2020 and I joined and thoroughly enjoyed the projects created for members by internationally recognised textile artists. This exposure to a new world of hand stitch has allowed me to become more creative and experimental over the last 9 months creating more varied work and push my boundaries a little further.

May-December 2020

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