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Reedling Progress on Somerset levels work

Well, this is one of so many blogs I have been meaning to write!

Over the last 18months, Pre Covid and all the changes it has brought I have been busy stitching many pieces but not having/making the time to update the website.

My aim is to write over the coming weeks a number of short ‘work in progress’ or finished pieces blogs as a catch up in the hope that I will them be back in the habit of updating the site of the work I have been enjoying doing.

Following the guided walk around Avalon Marshes with Kevin Anderson and Andrew Kirby many moons ago I started to work on a male Bearded Reedling.  Carl Bovis once again kindly gave me permission to base a piece on one of his stunning photographs.

The colours for this piece were a challenge, not wanting to make him too bright but likewise wanting to enhance what this beautiful little male bird has!

The four images below show the stages of piecing, marking out and finally stitching.

We were lucky enough to watch these little birds within the reed beds so the aim was to create an almost 3D reed for him to cling to in the wind.  For this I used the same technique as in the Snipe piece, you can see the process by clicking here.